Thursday, February 6, 2014

We're all Protected

Nostalgia gets the best of me some days. To think of how the times have changed over the span of just a few years is a beautiful thing. Think about it, I am undergoing change as I type the words on the screen, allowing them to flow out of me to create a document that will invoke change in someone else’s life. The reality is that when I began this piece, I’m almost certain the way I pictured it ending in my mind is not the way it’s going to turn out once I’m done, but I have to trust that it will still be awesome. I have to keep that concept in perspective when it comes to dealing with my life. At times, I get so wrapped up in the way I want things to go that I forget my life has never been, currently isn’t, and never will be, ABOUT ME. It’s ultimately about my Heavenly Papa, and making sure that I do everything in my power to constantly spread the love that is Him.
Over the weekend, I was immersed in the company of children, and while I do work in the same space as them, I do not have to engage with them as frequently as one would think; so being with children for an extended period of time is something that I have not been able to do in a while. I’m grateful and really appreciative for that opportunity because in a way it helped me to continue to put my faith where it belongs.
Have you ever sat and watch children play together? They go through this cycle of tumultuous joy, to let’s share everything, to that’s mine, and finally I don’t like you anymore, repeat; all within the span of five minutes. They continue this for hours on end until the fights begin to get more frequent and the adult intervenes to say it’s time to leave. Once “the leave factor” is inserted, they enter a stage of grief and spend the next ten minutes in the most agony you’d think they’d ever feel in life because you’re separating them from their best friend, whom they themselves were just putting out about three seconds ago; it’s all quite fascinating stuff.
During this cycle, two things in particular stood out to me; reminded me of the days when I was a kid. The first, children have no concept of fear when they’re playing. The first stage of tumultuous joy is where they are completely uninhibited and ready to conquer the world with their minds unaware of any dangers that may await them; they’re free. I began to wonder at what age do we grow out of this and it hit me that I should not have grown out of this fearlessness. There is nothing on this earth that I should be fearful of. I should take a page from my inner child and continue to live out my dreams and not be worried about what others have to say or think about me because “anxiety in a (wo)man’s heart weighs [her]him down, but a good word makes [her]him glad”(Proverbs 12:25). As long as I continue to surround myself with positive, uplifting people and continue to keep my faith in Heavenly Papa, there’s no need to be anxious.
The second thing I noticed was that children are extremely resilient. They can get hurt and be back to normal in about three minutes; all a part of their cycle. However, it works for them. I began to think about how children are protected because of their innocence, which allows them to be so fearless and resilient but as they obtain more knowledge about the world and themselves in it, they become more fearful. However, because of the blood of Christ, I should have no worries. The next time my finances get low, or I begin to feel lonely, or a problem arises at work, I’m just going to keep Psalm 118: 6 in my mind “The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?”


  1. I like your perspective on things. You can relate everything back to God. It's weird in a great way. I don't think I know a lot of ppl that can do that.

  2. I work with Stephanie and I have a fan since your first blog. I think the world needs more of this logic and the way you express your thoughts are just what we need. keep them coming Jo-Jo!

    1. Thank you Ms. King!! Also, HAPPPY BIRTHDAYYY! It means a lot to know that my words bring joy to the lives of others. I appreciate your support! :-D

  3. Very nice! When you are troubled he will be there for you, and when someone else is down you should be there for them like he was for you!